Kristin Davis

Actress Kristin Davis has supported Oxfam since 2004. Her involvement in Oxfam's emergency and humanitarian work began following that year's Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. A compassionate and committed supporter, Davis has traveled to see Oxfam's efforts in South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Kenya.

“Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis began supporting Oxfam’s emergency and humanitarian work more than six years ago, after the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004.
A champion for vulnerable women, Davis has made five visits to Africa with Oxfam since 2006, traveling to Mozambique, South Africa, UgandaEthiopia and Kenya to gain a better understanding of gender issues and poverty. The actress visited women who are rebuilding their lives after being displaced by the fighting in war-torn Uganda. She met victims of domestic violence as well as women and children affected by AIDS. She also saw how projects that support small businesses run by women have enabled families to raise their standard of living. Following these trips, Davis lobbied decision makers and spoke with the media to raise awareness about the need for more doctors, nurses, and treatment clinics so that millions of people living with HIV can obtain the treatment they need.
Kristin DavisIn 2008, Davis joined other Oxfam Celebrity Ambassadors including Scarlett Johansson and Gael Garcia Bernal in signing an open letter to G8 leaders, asking them to respond to the global challenges of climate change, the world food crisis, and the need for more development aid. In the same year, together with global figures including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Sir David Attenborough, she signed an open letter urging world leaders at the UN meeting in Poland to tackle climate change.
Davis has also supported Oxfam during many fundraising initiatives. Her donation to Oxfam‘s 2008 eBay auction, in which she offered tickets to the “Sex and the City” film premiere, raised awareness and $50,000 in funds.
A promoter of Oxfam Unwrapped, the online charitable gift program, Davis co-hosted a gala event in Los Angeles and appeared on the “Rachel Ray” television show. Davis had this to say about Unwrapped: “During my trips I’ve met some incredible people whose lives are changing because of Oxfam Unwrapped. I met a woman in Uganda who was able to start up a small business selling groundnuts and is now making enough money to send her grandchildren to school.”
Davis has also been a long-standing supporter of a livelihoods project in Ethiopia where the drought has killed off many livestock in the region. The distribution of goats and other livestock has been a lifesaver to many women and their families. In April 2010 Davis traveled to Ethiopia to observe the progress of the project.

In June 2010, Davis attended the Montreal Millennium Summit on behalf of Oxfam. She used this opportunity to urge governments around the world to do more to honor the promises they made to poor countries in 2005. More recently, in November 2010, Davis co-hosted a benefit for Oxfam at the Esquire House LA with fellow Oxfam Celebrity Ambassadors and supporters Joy Bryant, Minnie Driver, Mark Ruffalo, Colin Firth, Aziz Ansari and Anna Torv.  “The Oxfam Party” featured the exhibit “From Congo with Love” by acclaimed photographer Rankin.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, on March 8, 2011 Davis wrote for the Huffington Post to urge others to “learn and join Oxfam in the fight for a truly equal world.”

Most recently, Davis visited Dadaab, Kenya with Oxfam to help draw the world’s attention to the drought and what countless refugee families are enduring in East Africa. After her trip, Davis gave a heartfelt and sincere interview on BBC News, urging others to support the refugees and those affected by the food crisis in East Africa.