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  1. Gregory Adams

    Director of Aid Effectiveness

    Gregory Adams directs Oxfam America’s advocacy work on aid effectiveness and reform of US foreign aid and development policy. He works with allied organizations and individuals to generate momentum for foreign aid and development policy reforms that are driven by a long-term commitment to effectively reduce poverty.

    Meet Gregory Adams

    Gregory Adams
  2. Ian Gary

    Senior Policy Manager for Extractive Industries

    Ian Gary directs Oxfam America's policy and advocacy work on transparency and accountability issues in the oil, gas and mining industries. He authored Oxfam's report Ghana's Big Test: Oil's Challenge to Democratic Development (2009) and has co-authored many other reports and papers on the oil and gas sector in the developing world. He has testified before the US Congress and provides frequent commentary to major media outlets.

    Meet Ian Gary

    Ian Gary
  3. Muthoni Muriu

    Director for Regional Programs

    Muthoni Muriu provides strategic leadership and management oversight for Oxfam America’s Regional Programs Department. In addition to steering policymaking and systems integration, she is responsible for ensuring that Oxfam’s regionally based programs are well resourced and have impact on the lives of poor men and women.

    Meet Muthoni Muriu

    Muthoni Muriu
  4. Raymond C. Offenheiser

    President, Oxfam America

    "Oxfam America distinguishes itself because we ask the right questions. We ask hard questions. Not just of the US government, corporations, and political leaders in the countries where we work—but of our partners around the globe and, most important, of ourselves. We also pursue answers vigorously and develop innovative approaches to reducing poverty."

    Meet Raymond C. Offenheiser

    Raymond C. Offenheiser
  5. Paul O'Brien

    Vice President for Policy and Campaigns

    "I am at Oxfam because it works harder than any other organization I know to link the fight for global justice to local truths. We are a distinctive NGO because we do so much policy, advocacy, and campaigning. We are a different kind of 'idea leader' because we work so closely with communities around the world. On our best days, we bring it all together."

    Meet Paul O'Brien

    Paul O'Brien
  6. Darius Teter

    Vice President for Programs

    "I spent nearly two decades fighting the symptoms of poverty more than its root causes, and only in Oxfam have I found a community of people who understand the difference and act on it with passion, humor, and smarts."

    Meet Darius Teter

    Darius Teter