Syria crisis

  1. Research

    Failing Syria

    Assessing the impact of UN Security Council resolutions in protecting and assisting civilians in Syria.

  2. Brief

    Resettlement of refugees from Syria

    Increased commitments needed from international community in Geneva.

  3. Brief

    A Fairer Deal for Syrians

    International commitments needed to arrest the deepening crisis in Syria and the region

  4. Research

    Survey on the livelihoods of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

    Many families are spiraling deeper into debt, living in cramped conditions, with few job prospects and dwindling hope for the future.

  5. Fact sheet

    Syria crisis

    The conflict in Syria is making headline news, but little has been said about the plight of civilians uprooted by the violence.

  6. Brief

    Overtaken by Need

    The world's failure to meet Syria's escalating humanitarian crisis

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