OXFAMExchange Fall 2003

Ross Gelbspan on Climate Change, The Fast for a World Harvest Turns 30, Hurricane Mitch Five Years Later

Oxfam's struggle for social and economic justice is about to become more stressful and less predictable. The reason: the increasingly rapid rate of change of the global climate.

Climate change has huge implications for security and terrorism, for diplomatic distortions, for the viability of the global economy—and ultimately for equity. It also contains enormous opportunities for developing countries. In this issue of Exchange, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Ross Gelbspan writes about the impacts of climate change on the world's most vulnerable people.

Also in this issue, Oxfam America's Fast for a World Harvest turns 30; we revisit communities in Central America devastated by Hurricane Mitch five years ago; and shed light on the struggles of Peru's indigenous Quechua people.

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