Conflict in DRC

  1. Brief

    In The Balance: Searching for protection in eastern DRC

    As 2014 starts, there are reasons to hope that peace may be in sight in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). National initiatives and committed regional and international political engagement in 2013 led to important advances and new framework agreements to resolve the conflict and insecurity.

  2. Brief

    Getting It Right

    Arms and bullets continue to destroy lives, yet there is still no effective international regulation of the global arms trade.

  3. Brief

    Commodities of War

    Communities speak out on the true cost of conflict in eastern DRC

  4. Brief

    Ghosts of Christmas past

    Protecting Congolese civilians from the LRA

  5. Research

    No will, no way

    US-funded security sector reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  6. Annual report

    Annual Report 2009

    In 2009, Oxfam America addressed the still-uncertain fund-raising environment by making tough choices about how to invest our resources. Thus far, we have weathered the financial and economic downturn well and have been able to meet our commitments to the people Oxfam serves.

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