Leadership council

Founded in 2003, the Leadership Council is a diverse group of outstanding leaders who serve as ambassadors and advisers for Oxfam America. Members help carry the Oxfam message to new and wide-ranging audiences to enhance the organization’s profile, resources, and effectiveness.

Kecia Ali

Karen Keating Ansara

David Barclay

David Bodnick

Sylvia A. Brownrigg

Ellen Carr

Terry Collins

Ian S. Crowe

Susan de Vries

Bruce Detwiler

Barbara Fiorito

Jody Forchheimer

Hannelore Grantham

Patricia Hallstein

Stephen Hays

Barry Hershey

Michael Hirschorn

Lisa Jorgenson

Stephen B. Land

Joseph D. Lee

Peter Lynch

Erika Karp

Janet A. McKinley

George A. Miller

Sam Miller

Paul A. Moses

Peter Palmer

R. Price Peterson

Ann Silver Pozen

Dana Quitslund

Kati Rader

John J. Regan

Ellen Remmer

Peter Sanborn

H. Jay Sarles

Marilyn Sarles

Jamey Shachoy

Val Schaffner

Kate W. Sedgwick

Peter Singer

Renata Singer

Lucian Snow

Michael E. Soloff

Elizabeth Wachs

Barbara Waugh

Kim Williams